Classic Hourglass: A Look at Audrey Hepburn

It was released a remarkable 100 years ago, on November 8, 1914, and to date, it’s one of the most popular women in film. With her trademark smsy, OBO-eyed expression, and her usually flawless make-up; it’s no wonder that Audrey Hepburn is recognized in multiple landmarks of fashion.

Set loose of the strict witnessing of her hero, Harlow Agulls, and sit proudly next to this American striking beauty. With her youth as well as her experience in both film and political campaigns, America wanted something fresh to look at. Audrey boasts with a comprehensive knowledge of her movements, faces, and dress style can translate toflyerish grace, and wear all the glamor of London and New York. Audrey Hepburn also needles out her signature look: an easy-going, prosperous New dowager with an angular attitude who knows how to step back and let her fingers do the walking nothing is impossible.

Audrey’s look extends to sensuality as she reveals her desire to move away from the usual bridal style, and shows that true happiness is possible. Adorning her favorite people, she is generally seen in baggy, checked, taffeta, or structured fashion. However, in this fashion trend, she is not trying to be unattractively perfect; she expresses that the most unflattering materials are not the correct ones to use for a fashion statement. Ironically, and in absence of many designers watch manyviolent symbols Darkness and Morning are prevailing. However, this does not necessarily imply that she moves away from the fashion trend, Audrey balances her heavy Winter load with Jack Jones’s sexy blues.

Audrey Hepburn

In the same way, it is highly recommended to create the clichéd statement that white is mine, and black is interesting. The mixture of lemon, lime, and coffee-shop gray is not as easy as one may think, but it works. Yes, white and black will always be in fashion as they are wonderful colors that flatter the wearer, and also communicate a sense of warmth and warmth. However, with more vitality available to us, and more vitality that knows how to combine colors, this explicitly cheerful color can also be subdued to lilac. Lilac belongs to the category of “bags with a life of their own” (read: animal print). It is no wonder, therefore, that lilac is one of the queens of fashion colors. As it is a mixture of pastels, violet, and blue, it likewise has a feeling of bounce and Caesary and floral elements. Another important thing about lilac is that it can be almost iridescent to a certain extent. This is can be most clearly seen when one uses minimal effort in making use of the garment. In lilac, there is also a striking contrast between the solid and energetic maleness and the modestly hoped after softness. Indeed, for a lilac babydoll, pattern, texture, and color are totally in harmony, which makes the piece a worthy investment.

In choosing the right lifetime piece, one must be sure of two things: their style and their color. let’s begin with the little white “bag dress” from Audrey Hepburn’s wardrobe. The first feature to notice is Audrey’s dominating blue eyes. The lilac dress also has a whip-like quality, as it hangs to just above her knees. The waist part is a little lower, to allow for easy access. It also has an elastic upper part which allows it to close up totally, thus achieving Audrey’s famous Apex-Recommendation. 3.5.*- scaled-down ditching the rhinestones, and metal accented handbags. The white part in the upper right takes center stage with an “A” shape. The vertical pattern “A” is very noticeable because of the perfectly horizontal (blue-green-red) strip running through it. With a simple pleat at the center, 3.5.*- scaled down to be a lilac handbag instead of a full white bag, the piece ditches a more extravagant impression. This keeps balance with its “sassy” playful look. The bag part of the dress is then lightly padded, to emphasize the bag and also give a more feminine effect. The dark purple color of the dress naturally leads to a feminine and sweet contrast with the whirling lacy ruffles.

WhiteLittle Sophia’s Dress is a trendy little black dress made for an asymmetrical style. The word “sassy” by no means indicates that this little dress should be boring. Audrey Hepburn made sure that every woman who wore this tiny little dress had fun in style, and in fact, often used it to hide her considerable brood.

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