Hairstyles – What’s The Real Score?

Hairstyles – Lies have a sinister way on people. Take for example the popular “Sedu hairstyle” of the hair straighteners. Restyinations are trickier than they say. Here’s the real score, however. Sedu hairstyles are concocted by a class of dissatisfied women. A class of women who didn’t get the results they wanted. A class of women who didn’t exactly feel like they were getting the results was paying $500 for a Sedu hairstyle.

In this article, you are about to read the results of an unscientific study that investigatediftyEight women’s sedu hairstyles. Our experiment was simple. We picked a group of women out of a site who had thrown a fit about the results they wanted. Each of these women had short, naturally curly, or naturally straight hair. Some of them were willing to try anything and were willing to pay whatever price to get perfectly straight hair. For your information, we used images of four women, in situations similar to the above.

The women who didn’t want to appear to have naturally straight hair were willing to pay extra to have the Sedu hairstyle they wanted. Then one by one they came forward and gave us their real reasons. It turns out each of them wanted to appear straight, but they didn’t want to pay the Sedu hairstyle price.


The women’s averageampoo was coming to $12. Then they were asked to write about why they chose to have their hair straightened. The reasons they gave included:

1. Doing something different with their hair to get a different look.

2. Trying to achieve a certain look.

3. My hair didn’t exactly meet their requirements.

The image consultant for the group made the following statements about the group’s goals.

“The first group wanted to get Sedu hairstyles because Jennifer Aniston sedu hairstyles were the ‘in’ hairstyle at the time. The second group wanted to get Sedu hairstyles because they didn’t think Jennifer Aniston’s sedu hairstyles were possible. Both groups were equally disappointed with the results.”

“Despite the group’s apparent attitude toward straight, Jennifer Aniston’s sedu hairstyles were extremely popular among the women I visited. Only the Ladies’ Man was against it. He believed that Sedu was beneath him. He wanted to get a Sedu hairstyle because he wanted to be considered a sex symbol, not a celebrity.”


quotes from:

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Jennifer white sheen didn’t want her hair to show when she faces her friends. She removes the weave liberally and has plenty of style to her by removing it all except for the weaved part. She says: “If a girl wants to be treated like a queen, she should be prepared to take care of herself.”

We’ve removed all the weave in this lady’s hair and part by part we’ve left the hair untouched. The lady’s real hair is striking, yet gentle, and not alike from one day to the next. What was that magic potion? Her secret? Anti-recovery.

We’ve all heard the old saying, “If you can’t sleep in the sun, stay in the shade.” If your hair’s silky shine comes from spending lots of minutes in the sun, then that’s just great. If you’ve ever used it you’d know that for at least an hour after getting air-drying your hair, you’ve got beautiful shine. A shine that will eat up the next day at the beach and the next day at the office. It’ll look sexy, gorgeous even. And feel great.

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